#CheckIn in Action

I know with all my soul I am on the right path. The universe reminds me of this daily.

On Monday I had a co-worker tell me that a close family friend’s wife took her life last Saturday. Very much to my surprise I learned he is a retired veteran who had visited the VA resource center to seek help. He was turned away. He was told that unless he is suicidal himself, they could not help him. My co-worker urged him to call me – and he did! We chatted and his words to me were “I am so happy to talk to you, it’s nice to speak to someone who understands and can help me.” I am so grateful for this conversation.

We at the Check-In Foundation can get him the help he needs, we can reassure him that this path of grief doesn’t have to be walked alone. I #CheckIn daily with this gentleman and I have THIS guy, Clay Watson, who reminds me daily that we are going to change lives!